Tuesday, December 8


Most of us aren’t full time bloggers which means we have to organise our time between work/school, blogging and having a social life. Besides, don’t forget you’re human and you still need to eat and sleep even though sometimes we kind of neglect that part of our life. Having a list of the things I need to do always makes me feel more productive and organised.

By doing lists of blogposts you need to write, photos you need to take, things you need to do for school/work and subjects you need to study if you’re still in school/Uni your life will be easier, trust me!

You’ll realise how many things you have to do. I used to spend most of my time procrastinating because I didn’t actual realise how many things I needed to get done. Once you list everything down, you’ll realise that you actually need to start moving if you want to get things done in time. Don’t sit in the couch watching Christmas films.

Define priorities and stablish goals. I find that defining priorities makes me feel a lot more organised and ready to start working! To motivate myself I always stablish goals even though I’m trying to get better at stablishing realistic goals as most of the times I don’t really think of how long a certain task will take me and then I end up not doing as many things as I had planned before.

Check everything you’ve completed. I always mark a little “check” every time I complete a task and that always motivates me to keep going as I know that soon I will have everything finished. I find this step really important to keep me motivated!

Realise what you’ve done so far. Sometimes I only complete two tasks during the day and that always makes me feel a bit down but most of the times those are really long tasks. It’s really important that you consider the amount of work that one task requires.

Know how to organise your time. Once you have your list done, mark which ones will take you the longest time and which ones you find more boring so that you can complete those first!

Since I started doing lists I’m a lot more organised and I’ve actually been more effective. I do all the things for Uni in time and I’ve been posting all the things I initially planned which makes me really happy. You can also use this method to organise all the Christmas presents you need to buy and diy so that you’ll have everything ready in time for Christmas!

Do you usually make lists?

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