Tuesday, December 22


Ombré Christmas NailsI might be extremely busy but I had to do my nails for Christmas! I think red and glitter screams "CHRISTMAAAAS!" and that's what I had planned but I failed! Who minds? It's still Christmas!

Initially I wasn't planning on pink nails for Christmas as it's not such a Christmassy colour such as red, gold, silver and some darker colours but as soon as I started realising the colour wasn't going to turn out the way I thought, I was so glad.

I think these are super Christmassy but their not the typical red and gold nails and I love it! This might seem a complicated nail look but it isn't! Even though it's a bit messy, it's really easy to do.

First, apply one or two coats of white nail polish all over your nails and let it dry. Then you'll only need two different colours, a sponge and a piece of plastic. In the plastic apply one stripe of each colour and dab the sponge in and press it against your nail to create the ombré effect. Repeat the process for each nail and how many times you wish until you're happy with the result. I also dabbed the sponge only in the red colour and pressed in against the tip of my nails to achieve a more intense colour. Once everything had dry, apply a coat of glitter nail polish on top to get extra Christmassy and top it with a top coat!

What do you think of this nail look?

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