Friday, December 18


It’s almost the end of the year and I always do a reflection on how I did, what new things I’ve accomplished and what I need to improve next year. This year was one of those full of changes and new exciting things. I’m sharing 5 today!

I’m a Uni Student now! Even though Uni isn’t for everyone, I think that everyone that wants to go to Uni and achieves that, should be congratulated! I’m currently studying Nutritional Sciences and I’m honestly very happy to be doing that. I’ve already met amazing people that I want to get to know better and better every day. It’s the perfect place for me to grow as a person and as a student. Yeaay!

I went on holiday with my boyfriend and his family! This was one of the most amazing weeks of this year and it was a big accomplishment to me as I’m not used to be away from my family for a long time. I had such a lovely time, we did some really fun things like going to the Zoo Marine! It was amazing

I've improved my blog photography! This was something I really wanted to do this year and it’s a goal I want to keep achieving next year because my photography might be better but it’s far from perfect (says a total perfectionist). I want to thank you some of you for this as your photography inspires me every day and your lovely photography tips are awesome.

I collaborated for the first time with a brand! When I started blogging, I didn’t even know that was a thing. I had no idea how could bloggers have a proper life just from blogging, what? Obviously this was a topic that was very talked about this year and when a store approached me to see if I was interested on reviewing some of their products, I was blown away. What? Me? Why should a brand want to work with me? It kind of boosted my confidence!J

I stopped caring about what others think! This was something that was holding me from doing things I wanted because I was so afraid of what people would say or think. The moment I said “Whatever. I don’t care. I’m doing whatever I want.” was the best one of my life. I started sharing my blog on social media and consequently interacting with other bloggers. I’ve met great people and great blogs and I think my blog improved a lot from that.

Tell me 5 things you did this year that somehow had an impact in your life!

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