Saturday, December 5


I think many of us really enjoy watching YouTube videos or reading lifestyle related posts because we love to see what others have been doing and how they spend their days. At least I do anyway!

When planning my posts for December I knew I wanted to do a post where I could should how I usually spend my days and what I do and I’m not talking about those exciting days! I’m talking about those boring ones that apparently nobody wants to see. For me it’s really interesting to see how bloggers and youtubers organise their time because I’m in need of some tips all the time!

After much thinking I thought it would be fun to do it in video and so I did! I hope you enjoy this little video and maybe inspire you to do your own? I’d love to see how you all spend your days and it doesn’t have to be in video, you can obviously do it as a blogpost!

Let me know if you watched the video and what was your favourite part!

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