Sunday, December 6


Even though I won’t be doing many fun things while on Christmas Holiday because I have to study for my Uni exams, I don’t won’t any of you to have boring holiday so today I’m showing you 5 different and simple things you can do this year to make you feel good and your time worth it.

Visit your town decorations. I know I’ll be having one night when I actually go walk with my parents and my boyfriend around town to see all the decorations and Christmas lights. I live in Porto and I know these year the decorations are beautiful and I really want to see it and maybe share it with you here on the blog! Oh, a blogpost idea for you maybe? 

Go for hot chocolate with your friends. Take an afternoon to go have some hot chocolate with your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend or even your parents! I love to do this kind of things with my mum as she’s so funny and always makes me laugh! You don’t even have to drink hot chocolate, just a nice hot drink to remind yourself that Christmas is right in the corner!

Take a time to help others. At this time of the year there are always loads of campaigns to help others. We usually have food campaigns where people give to an institution food that will later be distributed along families who need it. Last weekend I went to help at one of those campaigns and I loved it! It doesn’t take longer but you’re actually helping someone!

Christmas shopping for friends or family. I know for some people Christmas shopping is a very stressful activity but that because you guys leave everything to the last minute! Make a list of the people you want to buy a present for and go out of the house. Take a morning or an afternoon to check all the stores around and buy most if not all the things you need!

Marathon of Christmas films. There’s nothing better than watching some Christmas films to get into the spirit of Christmas. Pick your all-time favourites and enjoy a cup of hot tea while in the sofa with cosy blankets. Can you imagine a better Sunday afternoon?

What are your favourite activities to do on Christmas Holiday?

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