Sunday, November 1


Nail Tutorial for Autumn - Burgundy Glitter Nails on Riana

I know it might be too soon to talk about Christmas for some people but now that Halloween is gone what else can you talk about? Even though I could write an entire post about why I love Christmas so much, this is not the case and today I'm purely going to talk about nails! Christmas-y nails or Autumn-y nails if you prefer!

For a while that I didn't spend some time doing my nails and for some time I mean a long time. You can obviously get a nail polish, apply it and it's done but sometimes I do really enjoy taking my time to do my nails and create something a little more special and pretty.

You can obviously rock this nails on Christmas time (the reason behind the post title) but I think they're very acceptable for Autumn too! I love a nice burgundy colour for Autumn but who doesn't?

To do this look I used four different nail polishes. I used the Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine in Berries and Cream, the Cliché Glamour in Rainha, a glitter nail polish from Claire's and for the top coat I used the Essence The Gel in Absolute Pure.

Nail Tutorial for Autumn - Burgundy Glitter Nails on Riana

Do you like this look? What's your favourite colour for Autumn (and Christmas time)?

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