Friday, October 30


Who didn't want to learn and master the art of cat eyeliner? I did. I never stop until I was completely satisfied with my wing (oh well some days are not so great but what can we do about it?). Sometimes it might seem more difficult than it is especially if you're using a product that won't help you at all. I've been adoring the Seventeen Lacquer Liner Wet Look Finish Liquid Eyeliner*.

When I started getting into eyeliner is wasn't easy to find an inexpensive eyeliner with a good brush in it that would allow  control and precision and for that reason I pushed liquid eyeliner away and started using eyeliner pens. When I first tried this product, I most impressed with its brush. It's really thin and flexible but one of those that hairs split from everywhere and you get eyeliner all over your eyes.

The formula of the eyeliner itself is actually pretty amazing. Once you put it on, you can't move it anymore. It dries very quickly which I love otherwise I'd get eyeliner on my upper eyelid because I'm just not patient enough. It does have a wet look finish and it remains very black and wet looking even after long hours at Uni even on oily lids like mine.

The only problem I have happens on the inner corner of my eye. After a few hours the eyeliner will stuck on my finger and be removed from the inner corner of my eye if I pressed. This probably sounds really weird but I do it all the time even though I'm not sure why. If I control myself and don't touch my eyes, there wouldn't be a problem obviously.

When it's time to remove your eye makeup, don't worry! You won't have to rub your eyes for five minutes to get it out. A cotton pad and a inexpensive micellar water (I use the Garnier one) will do the job easily.

Have you ever tried this eyeliner? What eyeliner do you use/like the most?


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