Saturday, August 22


My Blogging Routine

Initially I thought blogging would be very easy and it would took me no time at all to post regularly. Guess what? I was wrong. Blogging regularly is very time consuming and as I soon as I realised that I knew I needed to organize my time and create a blog routine that would allow me to have things ready in time and I think I've finally found the easiest way for me to do it.

Blogging regularly means having tons of different ideas for blogposts but it’s never easy to think of one when you don't have much time so I like to plan my posts in weeks of advance. Sometimes I sit down and think about blogposts I’d like to post and write down all my ideas. Then I plan when those posts will be going up and if I change my mind later at least I have an idea as a backup. At the moment I have posts planned until the end of October and I've already planned the ones for December but that doesn't mean I won't change things along the way. That’s what happens most times anyway but I feel much organized and safe this way.

Everyone knows that photography has a big and important role on the blogging world as photos are the first thing people will see once they're on your blog so I try to take the best photos I can to attract people to my blog and that’s not always easy. Natural light is amazing but it can be a true enemy sometimes. When it is school time I always take my photos on weekends. I see what blogposts I have planned for the next week and I take all the photos I will need for those posts. I always take several shoots because there’s always those ones that are out of focus or too dark or another one of the million problems bloggers face every day!

If I have spare time that weekend I'll edit the photos I've taken earlier or delete the ones I know I won't be using and write at least a draft of what I want to post later. If not, I'll write the blogposts as I need to post them. If I have a post planned for the 26th, I'll write it on the 25th so that I can check everything and try to find any spelling mistakes even though there’s always one that I don’t spot and I only notice once the post is up (does that ever happens to you? Because it happens to me all the time!). 

I think my blogging routine is pretty normal besides the planning part maybe as I know there are people that don't really like to plan their posts in such advanced time. I feel like this is the best for me to do it because I guarantee I'll have something ready for a certain day. I always allow myself to make changes whenever I feel like.
Is your blogging routine similar to mine?

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