Friday, August 28


Blogging is very easy for those who never did it. I’ve made that mistake once of thinking that blogging wouldn’t take me no time and I would only need my computer and something to take photos with. After a while blogging I realised I needed way more than just a computer and a lot more time than what I expected.

There are several things I consider essentials when comes to blogging. One of them being my computer – a Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1JM – don’t ask me if it’s great. As long as it does the job, I’m happy with it. Another essential is my beloved Kodak Pixpro AZ251 camera that I have been taking photos with since March. Before you think of getting a DSLR Camera try to learn the most you can about the camera you own. By learning how to work with it you can take better photos than what you initially expected. 

Notebooks – I have been using this personalized notebook since I realized I couldn’t blog properly if I didn’t write some stuff down. I write down all my ideas for blogposts even if I have everything planned for the next few weeks, I know I can use that idea at some point in the future or to replace another idea that now doesn’t seem that great. I write down some blogs that I want to check later and some that I thought were really good so that I can include them in my next “Blogs I’ve Been Reading”. I also like to leave written some of the things I want to say in determined blogpost and this way I have everything ready to actually write the post when it’s time to.

Daily Planner – I couldn’t live without a daily planner. It helps me so much you can’t even imagine. I always plan what I’m going to post in advance (see “My Blogging Routinehere) and I jot down what blogpost is going live in certain day. I keep in there all the thing I need to do for the blog and school and honestly life is easier when you have everything you have to do written down.

Removable Glue Pads – I’m don’t know if everyone names it the same but I think every children has played with this once. I know I did and I used to love to stick papers everywhere with these glue pads. I never thought I’d need them again but they are a life changer for me. Who never experienced products rolling around when trying to take a photo? I have. Too many times to be honest. Then I decided to get these and stick my products to the background of the photo. Problem solved. I use them every time I take photos for blogposts.

What products/things you think are essential when blogging?

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