Sunday, July 19


I have been blogging for almost a year now and there are certain things that annoy me and I know that annoys most of you too and that should be banned from the blogosphere. Most of these topics will get you nowhere. Working hard and being patient is the key.

❤️‍ Leaving spam comments. For me this is possibly the most annoying thing that comes with having a blog. Even those bloggers who leave a message on their own blog saying "Please don't leave spam comments" get them every now and then. I think this comments are so disrespectful because it only shows that the person behind it doesn't care about our blog or what we write. Simply wants to get more followers or comments. I don't mind if any of you leave me a honest comment and let me know that you've followed my blog on Bloglovin. I'll be more than happy to check out your blogs and I'll probably even follow some of them but I feel so uncomfortable when I get "Follow for follow?" comments.

❤️ Follow to get a follow. This has happened to me so many times before that sometimes I wonder what is going on with people lately. I know everyone wants their blog to grow, I want mine to grow too. But I won't go on a follow spree to then unfollow everyone who didn't follow me back and a few days later follow the exact same blogs I've unfollowed before and continue this vicious circle. I had the same person following and unfollowing my blog over and over again and honestly all I wanted was to block that person so that it wouldn't happen again.

❤️‍ Promote your blog on others' blogs. This is something a lot more common on Youtube than on blogs but I have seen it before and I thought it was incredibly mean and disrespectful to the owner of the blog. It's almost like using someone's hard work to promote yourself. Don't do it. Leaving a comment announcing everyone that you have a blog and ignoring all the work someone has put into that post is so wrong. I know that very few people do it but still.

❤️‍ Not reply to comments. I think replying to comments really shows others how much you care about the comments you receive and the people who take time to write them. It's just my point of view. I obviously understand that bloggers that receive dozens of comments everyday don't reply to all of them but I think it's so weird that bloggers that receive 5 or 6 comments don't take the time to reply to those and to me that's is just weird.

❤️‍ Feel uncomfortable. I think that blogging started as a hobby for all of us even for those who now see it as a career. I think it's a shame when you lose the hobby side of blogging and you start to look at it as a obligation. I try to push myself to blog whenever I've planned and I don't like to fail but I never think "I have to" because I know I won't love it as much if I push myself too hard. The same thing happens with what you post online. I'd love to fashion posts but I don't feel comfortable on the other side of the lenses so I don't do it and I know that if I'm uncomfortable the post won't be as good as it could be. I truly believe that blogging about something you enjoy and you feel comfortable with makes all our posts better.

Do you agree with any of these points?

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