Thursday, July 23


Who doesn't love long voluminous and fluttery lashes? I do and I'm always searching for a nice mascara that can provide me that. I've found a great budget volume mascara and I'm telling you everything about it today.

I haven't forgot my beloved Maybelline mascara but I needed a new because mine was running out and the only one I could remember that I've liked from the drugstore was the Essence I Heart Extreme Volume mascara. This mascara retails here in Portugal for about 3,59€ which is incredibly cheap for its quality.

It's not the best mascara I've tried so far but it does its job pretty well. It takes a while and few coats of mascara to get the full and dramatic lashes but you can definitely achieve it. I prefer to use it when I have a bit more time to work on my lashes and I want a more fluttery look. It's extreme black which is amazing and it last a long time even though it starts flaking after 7 to 8 hours. If you want simple and voluminous lashes but not a very dramatic I look you can also get it in a less amount of time and less coats too.

I think the brush actually helps your lashes appear more voluminous but it's a bit hard to work with it without getting mascara on your leds as it's a gigantic brush lets be honest. I never use this for my bottom lashes because I'd get mascara everywhere but my lashes and I think it would be amazing if there was one with a smaller brush.

What do you think of this mascara? Have you ever tried any of mascara from Essence? What's your currently favorite mascara?

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