Saturday, June 13


If you say you don't get excited every time you receive the package you've been waiting since you've ordered your little things, you're lying. A few days ago I received my package from Primor with all the things I've bought and I thought I'd share them with you!

Since February I've been ordering beauty/makeup products from Primor (a spanish store) as they're much cheaper than here in Portugal and if you do 20€ or more, you get free shipping if you live in Portugal or Spain. They have a wide range of brands such as Makeup Revolution, Wet N Wild, L'Oreal, YSL, Essie, Clarins and many others!

I've been thinking of trying a lip lacquer for awhile and considering the mixed reviews I've read about so many different lip lacquers of so many different brands, I've decided to get the Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Keep Crying for You. It's a much brighter color than what I expected but I'll be reviewing it soon on the blog anyway! I also bought the Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in Smokin Hot Pink after getting one in the color Bare It All and hating it (call me crazy but I actually wanted to give it another try!).

I've decided to repurchase the Garnier Micellar Water Makeup Remover as it's the most amazing product ever created by a drugstore brand I have to say. I also got the Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate Deo Roll-On because I've looking for a good deodorant since the one I used to use is out of stock. At the time of my order Primor was doing an amazing sale and I got two tubs of Oral-B Pro Expert Enamel Shield toothpaste for only 3€! Last but not least I got the Byphasse Lifts Instant Gel Eye Cream Q10 as I needed a new eye cream. I have been applying it everyday for only a few days and I already noticed that the skin feels way more moisturized but I'll be doing a review of it later as I want to try it for a bit longer!

Primor also sent me a sample of the Gentleman Only from Givenchy. Obviously I won't be using it but I think I might give it to my dad or my boyfriend. This was the first time Primor sent me a sample. In the previous orders I've made they included a free full-size product but I guess it depends really!

Let me know if you've tried any of these products before and what products you have been loving lately!

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