Thursday, June 25


Blogging is mostly about talking to you about amazing products that are worth giving a try but sometimes I all get a bit disappointed by a product that had everything to be great but it isn't. Today I'm telling you which three lip products I thought I was going to love but I didn't.

Kiko Smart Lipstick in 906 Peach
I bought this lipstick months ago and I was so excited about it. Kiko wasn't being as talked about as it is now but still the expectations were huge. I was expecting a creamy and pigmented lipstick, a beautiful color for Spring and Summer and very easy to use. When you look at it on the bullet is a beautiful peachy color with minimal glitter on but as soon as I apply it on the lips it just seems to disappear. It's really sheer and it looks almost like a lipbalm with some shiny to it. I really want to try another color from this range as I hope this one was just a bad color. It has happened to me before with this next lipstick.

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in Bare It All
I only bought this lipstick because of the "Kylie Jenner Dupe" thing as people were saying it was very similar to the Velvet Teddy from Mac. The color washes me out completely and I thank this lipstick I didn't spend 18€ on a similar lipstick but we can't really complain the lipstick itself, the color just didn't suit my skintone. What I actually hated was the feel of it on my lips. The application was terrible, it felt really dry on the lips and looked patchy, it was so uncomfortable. Hopefully I bought another one from the same collection in another color and I have been loving it (see it on my mini haul here) and I'll doing a review on it soon.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers
I was so excited about this purchase that I almost felt like crying the first time I wore this lip lacquer. It was supposed to have a perfect velvet matte finish but it just makes my lips look cracked and awful. Maybe it was my fault. Tried it some other times and the same thing happened. I leave it to try for a minute or two and it looks good, after five minutes looks cracked, it's fading and flaking just like some mascaras do. I was expecting so much from this lip product that it was a huge disappointment. It doesn't last long at all and it's very easy to remove with a water based makeup remover.

Have you ever tried any of these products? What did you thought of them? Is there any product that you regret buying?

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