Saturday, May 30


I could say May has flown by but it wouldn't be true, at least not for me. It seemed the longest month of the year so far and I was wishing it to be over everyday and it finally is! Gladly the weather has been much better now and Spring has finally decided to stay.

May was not a bad month but it was definitely a busy one and I am so tired that I fall asleep every afternoon and I usually one sleep in the afternoon if I'm sick so you can see how tired I am! Apart from that it was a month full of experiences like prom (read my post about it here) and some new discoveries!

The first product that has conquered my heart is the Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation (read more here). I don't use foundation everyday but when I do I always use this one now. It is very long lasting and it doesn't melt off with the warm weather which is actually great! It hasn't made me break out once it's oil free and it's very lightweight.

For the second month in a row the H&M Sugar Coral Blush (read more here) is my favorite blush. I swear I can't leave this blush behind, it's just so pretty and it adds so much freshness to the face, it's unbelievable! I bought it on sale so I'm not sure if you can find it and H&M has recently discontinued their beauty and makeup line because they will be launching a new one soon.

I have also been loving the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Scrub (read more here) that helps me control the oily because warm weather doesn't really help a lot. It's very gentle on the skin and it leave my skin feeling fresh and soft which I love. It also helps with spots when I have them which is great! Another skincare product I have been loving is the Bonté Karité Touch Hand Cream because I was completely failing on taking care of my hands and they were so dehydrated they would even hurt, awful! I'm not sure if you can get this product outside Portugal because this brand it's like a "super market" brand. It's was inexpensive, I didn't have much expectations, it smells really good, doesn't feel greasy and it doesn't the job and I think that's what's important!

Last but not least we have to talk about lipsticks because I am obsessed with lipsticks and I love them with all my heart (tell me I'm not alone in this please)! I have been using two this month. One is the Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Coral Calling (read more here) and the other one is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte By Kate Moss in 111 Kiss of Life. These two lipstick were not favorites when I bought them. I wasn't really sure about the colors and now I love them so much! They're my favorite. I have the Rimmel one for much longer but only now I realised why I bought it initially, it's a gorgeous red with a orange undertone I'd say. It's just gorgeous for Spring and Summer. 

Have you ever used any of these products? What mascara has been your favorite lately? Because I haven't been loving one in specific!

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