Thursday, May 14


It has been two weeks since I shared with you my obsession with white nails for the Summer (here) so it is now time to share with you my most recent purchase: a pastel pink nail polish from Essence.

I love pastel colors, I think they are the most perfect color palette for Spring and Summer but when I am a drugstore-kind-of-girl it's not always easy to find pastels or light colors that will be completely opaque and I've found some bad products before but today is a total different story!

This nail polish is from Essence's The Gel Nail Polish collection and they have some amazingly beautiful pastel colors (and some really nice bright ones too). As I didn't know if I'd like the formula I bought only one color and this one is the number 13 Forgive Me. It's a lovely pink and it doesn't make my hands look completely washed which can happen easily since I am very pale.

I can't say much about the formula itself when it comes to its lasting power as I only have it for a day on my nails but I'll soon do a review of it here on the blog so don't forget to keep an eye out for that!

What do you think of this color? Would you wear it? Have you ever tried any Essence nail polishes?

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