Monday, April 6


Two weeks ago I wrote "The Best Workout Videos for Your Legs" and I promise I was going to share with you some of my favorite videos for your abs and your bum and today.. is abs day!

These are just my favorite videos and the ones I enjoy the most. I'm not a specialist at all and I don't have any specific knowledge about the topic. It's just me talking to you as nice friends and sharing our favorite videos!

This blogpost features XHIT Daily again because these are the videos that I like and I want to be 100% honest with you.

I don't do all of these workouts everyday! I did the Miranda Kerr Workout once a week for a few months and at first it was so hard for me to keep up! I also absolutely love the Yoga Workout as it is very relaxing and calm but you're still feel the burn in the end, it's awesome!

Let me know what  you think of these videos and share some others that you like!

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