Tuesday, April 28


Sun has been showing its face a little more and I just couldn't wait anymore to paint my nails with white and pastel colors but this time was white time!

I know some people don't really like white nails but I just love it! I think it looks really classy and very fresh at the same time and I think it's a perfect color for Spring and Summer seasons as it's very light. There's only a miss when it comes to white nails, I find it a bit tiring as I can't use it over and over again, I need to take a rest from this color and use other one in the mean time, is it only me?

This season I'm really into pastel pinks and I just bought one yesterday that I am dying to try! I'll show you here in a few weeks of course and maybe do a review on it! Stay tuned! 

What colors do you like to use on Spring and Summer?

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