Friday, March 27


Every new season stores have amazing clothes and outfit combinations that drive all of us insane wanting them so bad! I already have a few items to wear this Spring and Summer but the weather is not really helping much! I've put together a few items that I'd love to own and decided to share them with you!

1. Zara Loose Fit Skort (here)
2. Topshop Fedora Hat (here)
3. Topshop LILY Platform Sandals (here)
4. Lefties Cookies & Friends T-Shirt (here)
5. Bershka Kimono (here)
6. Zara Mesh Plimsoll Shoes (here)
7. H&M Slip On Shoes (here)
8. H&M Floral Dress (here)
9. Pull & Bear T-Shirt Dress (here)

Tell me what you think of the items I've picked and what items you have yours eyes on for this season! Also I'm so confused between getting the H&M shoes or the Zara ones because they're both really similar but I can't make my mind!

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