Sunday, March 15


Today is quite a special day: it's my birthday! I know some people wait for this day so passionately that it is almost a shame that I wasn't that much excited until last night! I wanted this post to be a bit more relaxed and just a nice conversation with all of you who read this!

Last night I went out for dinner with some of my closest friends and I had so much fun! Most of them I only see in school now because we have all been really busy with tests. Being with all of them in such a different environment was absolutely amazing! Despite a slight problem in the beginning of the night (the restaurant made a mistake and didn't have a table for us after me calling with a week of advance to make the reservation), everything went well and we had delicious pizza! My friends brought a surprise cake and at midnight they all sang Happy Birthday to me and it was so cute and lovely!

I was fantastic to go out for a few hours and forget everything I have to worry about daily because I was just there.. chilling, chatting with friends and eating pizza! What can be more casual and relaxing than that? I feel that it just gave me some strenght to carry on with my life now because I was really needing some hours of fun! Maybe we should this more often!

Today is my actual birthday and all my family is coming over to spend some time with me! My parents have been incredible and have been running from one place to another trying to make our house comfortable for everyone! My mum has spent the all evening in the kitchen cooking delicious things for everyone and I am very thankful for everything they have done for me in this 18 years! 

I am really looking forward for today and I expect to have some fun! Tell me what great memories you have from your birthday in past years, I'd love to know your experiences!

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