Tuesday, March 31


I love to know what others have on their phones and I think it's always good to know new apps that can be useful for further moments so I decided to share with you some of my favorite apps (even though I'm sure all of you are familiar with some of them)!

We Heart It
For a long time I was obsessed with this website and then I kind of forgot about it but now I love it again so much! I can access this app by signing up through Twitter, Facebook or your email and then it's all about following others accounts and let yourself feel inspired with such amazing pictures! I think We Heart It it's quite similar to Tumblr but I don't really like the Tumblr Android app so I think We Heart It it's better at that point (even though Tumblr will always be Tumblr, right?!).

I have an Instagram account for awhile now but I was never that much into it but recently I just love it! I love photography and Instagram is such a quick and easy way to share your photos with everyone and find out incredible images! There are amazing Instagrammers out there and I personally think bloggers are some of the best and I follow many of bloggers!

This is my one and only photo editor app! I've tried different ones before but there isn't one that I like as much as this one. It's really easy to work with and there's many effects and other editing that you can easily do. I edit all my Instagram pictures with this app and I love it!

Relax Melodies

This is a very recent app on my phone but I have been loving it! I use it when I am studying, reading and I just can't fall asleep and it keeps me concentrated and relaxed. You can choose different sounds that you want to hear and you can combine till 10 different sounds together and hear them all the time (even though I don't think that would be very relaxing). I usually hear "Seaside" by itself or I combine "Ocean" with "Flute". I love it!

Sudoku Fun
I only have to game apps on my phone and this is the one I've been using the most! When I was younger (like 12 or so) I used to love sudoku just like my mum and I love to it because I think that you can actually have fun with it while exercising your brain. At that time I used to use paper sudoku but now I don't even know if they sell those little Sudoku magazines so I use this app. There's so many different ones you can do that I don't think I'll ever finish all of them!

Leave in the comments below your usernames or links to your Instagram and We Heart It accounts (if you use any of them) as I'd love to check them out! Let me know what apps you have been loving and if you have ever used any of these apps or similar ones! If there's any good app that you think I'd like, please let me know (remember that I have an Android) and I hope you liked this post!

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