Tuesday, March 3


Winter is always a tough time when it comes to hydration and I have to say that my lips are the ones who suffer the most. This winter I tried to protect them every time I'd go out by applying a lip balm and reapplying throughout the day. There are three lip balms that are a must.

In the morning I always apply my favorite lip balm of all three: H&M Lip Balm with shea butter (in sweet orange flavour). When I bought it, I didn't expect much from it and now I absolutely love it! It's very moisturizing and it never feels greasy or thick on the lips. Besides, it tastes quite good to be honest..haha!

If I want some extra color but still want to feel like I've moisturized my lips, I'll apply Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm (in Cherry Me). I really like this lip balm as it feels very light on the lips but doesn't last very long which bothers me a little bit because I don't to reapply very often!
For the amazing time of the day when you're ready to jump into bed I always use Labello Classic Care lip balm because it feels much thicker and it lasts longer on the lips, so it's perfect for night time as I don't like to use it as much during the day.

Which lip balms are your favorite? Have you ever tried any of these?

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