Monday, February 2


When I wasn't that much into makeup and I didn't realise how some products could easily change the way we look, I thought that filling in my eyebrows was ridiculous. «Why would I do that? It does nothing.» I was wrong. Eyebrows are everything.

We should all be very grateful that we have eyebrows because they do a lot for our appearance especially if they are looking good. Beautifully filled brows make us look more awake and more lifted up as if our face is very structured and perfectly designed.
Eyebrows can makes us look a lot better but you can make them look a lot worse with just a tiny stumble. The line between full brows and overfull brows is tenuous. Besides that, changing the shape of our brows is a mistake (in my honest opinion of course) because if our brows have that shape, they should stay like that because it is probably the shape that flatters us the most. And by changing the shape I don't mean having them defined because defined brows will do half of the job for you when it is time to brush and fill them in.

Overall, I believe that eyebrows are essential and can seriously change our appearance. However, I think moderation is the key word and we have to learn and figure out the best way to treat them.

What do you think of it?

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