Saturday, February 21


Once you start blogging, you'll learn new things from other blogs. You can learn about makeup, hair care, skin care, fitness, healthy lifestyle and you can learn about life in general and these lesson don't usually appear written on a blogpost but you'll realise them with time.

If you want something, you have to work hard in order to get it. I think this is the biggest lesson I've assimilated since I started to be part of the gigantic world of blogs. I've never seen one single successful blogger that hadn't work his/her ass of achieve everything. Success won't simply knock on your door, you have to work hard and love what you do if you want to achieve your goals.

You can learn new things with everyone. Something that I've learnt is that everybody has different experiences and it doesn't matter what subject we're talking about because everyone has its own opinion and you can always learn something from them. 

If you want something well done, do it yourself. I think this a key-lesson and no one should never forget it. We all know we have different perspectives on things, so if you want something done right (in your perspective), you'll have to do it yourself or you'll take the risk of not enjoying what others have done for you. More important than that: your personality is everything you do and in the world of blogging your personality makes a difference because it is what makes you distinguish from others.

You can always improve yourself. Sometimes it's not easy to keep going when all you see around you is bloggers with perfect photos, perfect blog designs and perfect ideas for blog posts but you forget that they've work very hard to be where they are. Most things come with experience and you can always improve yourself no matter what area you want to (photography, writing skills, ...). Remember that learning from your own mistakes is very important.

You're the key to success. There's no special formula that tells you how to achieve success. It's all up to you. Working hard, being yourself, being persistent and patience is the usually the best way do it but, apart from that, there's no special tricks and what make work for a certain person may not work for you.

What have you learnt from blogging?

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