Tuesday, February 10


I am a nail lover and I always try to have my nails beautifully done. I have many different nail polishes but I always prefer pinks and red as I think they suit me better, it's almost like lipsticks: you have to try different ones until you find the one you like.

Kiko Denim Effect no.35
I find this color to be absolutely gorgeous. It's a very subtle pink and its denim effect makes it look more mattifying so it's almost like a pastel pink but more suitable. The quality of Kiko's nail polishes is incredible, this nail polishes can last about two weeks on my nails without chipping.

Essence 169 A Hint of Love
I've done an entire post about this nail polish (here) and it's probably my favorite of all the nails polishes I've ever had. I love this color so much and I used it non-stop through December and I don't regret it. It's reminds me a lot of Christmas especially because of the shimmer in it so I don't use it now but I still love it a lot.

Basic Cosmetics no.01
I am a true lover of white nails and I think it looks incredibly classic and trendy at the same time. I love painting my nails of white especially in summer because I am a bit more tanned and it makes my very-small-tan look a bit more glowing, natural and healthy.

Claire's Shimmer Nail Polish
I really like to use this nail polish to add a little bit of shimmer on a plain nail color so that it looks more fun and glittery. I don't know the name of this nail polish but you can probably still find it in Claire's. There are many brands that have very similar nail polishes. 

Lovely Girl no.1004
I haven't wore this lipstick for almost a year as I always tend to use it on summer and let's be honest..it's not very summery around here since October. I still love this color and I think it's one of the few blues that I actually really like. This nail polishes lasts for almost two weeks on my nails if I add a good top coat. If not, probably less than a week.

What colors do you like the most?

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