Thursday, January 1


A new year has come and with it came new days and chances to do better and change our life. Changing is not always easy but with effort and dedication everything is possible.

For this new year, I wish that everyone fights and accomplish all their goals. I know I have a few goals to reach, some them include blogging of course: I want to improve my writing and more than anything my photography and for that I need to organize my life way better.

I want my parents to have new opportunities because they deserve it more than anyone in this world and I wish things would actually work the way they want once in their lives.
This year is going to be full of challenges for me, I'll finish high school and I don't even know if I want to go to college or not but I know I'll make it through some how. 

Besides that, I wish an amazing year to all of you and I wish that all of you have the chance to reach everything you want in life because you all deserve it!

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