Sunday, January 25


You have probably heard about detox juices before. Some people swear by it, some others are not into it at all. I personally love them. These detox juices can be great for you but I don't think that having a detox juice based diet is the best for us.

I believe that these juices are a really healthy choice and are great for the in-between-meals'-snacks. There are many recipes on the internet but you can make your own. Of the ones I've tried so far there's one that I really really like and I was pleasantly surprised.

1 orange
1 apple
Juice of ½ lemon
1 leaf of pointed cabbage
½ glass of water

If you're not a big fan of vegetables or a "cabbagy" person, this might look a bit scary but I hate cabbage and drank this like crazy. It tastes nothing like cabbage and it has all its nutrients. You can also add a bit of ginger but I prefer it like this because ginger has a very intense flavour and your juice will end up tasting to ginger only.
Since I tried some recipes, I am so into it. It's the best way for me to eat more fruit and vegetables, improve the way I eat and the nutrients my body receives. 

Will you be trying a detox juice?

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