Saturday, January 31


The first month of the year is now gone and it is incredibly unbelieve how fast the time has passed by. However, end of the month means only one thing: it's time to talk about our favorite and most loved products through January.

This month I haven't run away from my loved red lipsticks but I also had some time to find the perfect nude and fell in love with it. This month is "lip heavy" but lip products are my favorite of all and discovering new ones is fascinating. This month my Mac Diva (here) and my Essence Barely There were my two most used lipsticks and I love them both. Mac Diva is the perfect bold red shade and Barely There is the perfect nude color for me along with the perfect lip liner color match: Essence Satin Mauve (here). These lip liners aren't creamy but aren't as dry as some lip liners out there. They're very long lasting and help the lipstick stay on for longer. I've also been loving Essence's Red Blush lip liner and sometimes I use it on its own because it feels very comfortable.

Another Essence product I've loved through the month was Essence's Extra Long Lasting Eyeliner (I promise this is not sponsored by Essence haha). This is probably the most intense eyeliner I've tried so far in terms of color because it really is black and really easy to apply. It is very long lasting and it doesn't smudge very easily.

I may love my makeup but at the end of the day all I want is to take my makeup off quickly and jump into bed. Garnier Micellar Water has been my saviour. It's extremely easy to remove my makeup off with this product and it never irritates my skin which is great because I have sensitive skin. I know I'll be using this for ages until I find something even better and I don't think that will be easy!

Have you ever tried any of these products before?

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