Saturday, December 27


2014 is nearly gone and I have to say that this year has passed on so fast that it still seems that 2013 New Years Eve was last week! Reflecting about the year is always positive and I've listed a few things that I'd have done differently now.

- I would've put more effort into my blog right in the beginning

- I wouldn't care so much about certain things (like about people I'm not close of think of me and of the things I do)
- I'd have enjoyed more summer and I'd have spent more time with my friends
- I'd have started doing regular exercise in the earlier months
- I wish I had more amazing moments (even though I have had many, I always remind myself of how great 2013 was and I wish that every year of my life were that awesome).

What things would you do differently if you had a chance to go back?

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