Tuesday, November 11


Discovering new blogs is for me something very positive because I can always learn new things from them, get advice or just a bit of fun. By sharing with you my favorite blogs at the moment I'm not by any way trying to promote them, it is just a nice way of sharing my opinions and maybe (or maybe not) giving you the opportunity to discover new blogs too.

Rachel from Rachel Coco

     Rachel's blog first called my attention because she posts pictures of herself very often and she's always wearing amazing clothes and shoes but looks very simple at the same time. To me, Rachel doesn't remind me of one of those blogger who look like they're in the catwalk all the time, she's relatable and that's why I like her blog so much. 

Lily from Lily Pebbles
     I've been following Lily's blog for a while but I only recently started to become really interested on. I love to check Lily's blog for one main reason: she always seems very honest and know a lot about beauty and makeup, which makes me trust her opinion. She often does make-up tutorials and I watch them because most looks are natural and easy to recreate which is a bonus because most of the times I don't have many time to do my make-up.

Rebecca-Louise from Autumn Leaves
     I always check Rebecca-Louise's blog when I need advice, she's has the most amazing blog posts when I comes to blogging advice, either I'm looking for a specific thing or I just want to read something that will help me in the future, I know I'll probably find in Autumn Leaves. I think she is so informed and know so much about blogging that everyone should consider her advice.

Lily from Lily Melrose (LLYMLRS)
     Even though Lily and Rachel seem to have nothing in common, I like Lily's blog in part for the same reasons I like Rachel's. Lily has an amazing sense of style and she's way more edgy than me because she's never seems afraid to try out new things, I love that about her. She's very funny and sweet, I always have fun while reading her blog posts (or watching her youtube videos, where she does amazing hauls.

Do you know or like any of these blogs? Which blogs are your favorite?

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