Wednesday, November 5


This product came to me by surprise and I had many doubts about it when I first saw it as it wouldn't be any of my first choices if I was looking for a lip product but I decided to try it on and give it a chance.

At first I wasn't expecting much of this product because I prefer lipsticks to lipglosses or lip creams and besides that, a lip cream with a matte look was a bit doubtful to me because I thought it would either be really dry or it would have no matte look at all.  Apart from that, I really like the packaging - it's very simple but at the same time a bit classy - and I love the smell of it. It has a soft vanilla fragrance.

When you first apply it on, it feels really silky and soft. It's super pigmented and this is probably the biggest surprise because I was not expecting it to be so pigmented. My lips are a dark pink tone and when lip products are not very pigmented or don't have strong colors, it's barely noticeable and I can assure you that this lip cream is super pigmented.
Then you have the exact "soft matte look" they promise you and it looks gorgeous on the lips, it doesn't look too dried and it doesn't feel that way either but after a while it actually dries up a bit and it leaves an uncomfortable feeling. You can fix the problem by applying it again but for me that's a such a 'no'. While I am in school I can't worry about my lips looking dried or not, so I need to have something that hydrates my lips the all day and this product might not be the best one to do it.

I have the one in the color 03 soft nude and I think I might try the 04 silky red because, as it is a stronger color, I think it wouldn't look so dried up so quickly. They only have four colors in the range and two of them are nude colors. I am not sure of the price but if any of you it's interested on this product just let me know in the comments and I'll try to find it.

Have you tried any of this lip creams? What do you think of lip creams in general?

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