Thursday, October 2


For me, when school starts it's time to reorganize myself and with that I have to get everything I may need during the day in my bag. As I am using a different bag from the one I used during summer (not a new one), I decided it was a great opportunity to show you what I keep in my bag most of the times!

Makeup bag; notebook & pen; purse, sunglasses case; glasses case; keys; headphones

As I don't keep as many makeup products in my makeup bag as people usually do and I use it more as a bag to keep my essentials and those things I can't go out without, I thought that sharing with you what I keep in my "makeup" bag would be a plus.

You may find it a little bit (or more than that) weird that I said I usually don't keep many makeup products in my bag and then 4 of 7 of my products are lipsticks/lip balm. Don't worry, I forget I have them with me most of the times and I never have foundation, concealer or powder with me, that's why. I also keep a mirror, deodorant and paper tissue, three things I couldn't live without.

If you want to know anything more specific about any of the products let me know in the comments & what do you usually keep in your bag?

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