Saturday, September 6

Nice Things To Do in Fall

Fall is probably my favorite season of the year because it is cold but not too cold and we can enjoy hot drinks without melting ourselves. For this year I'm planning to do a few nice things that fall still allows us and dressing with cute and perfect clothes.

Fall is a great season to:

1. Cuddle in bed
This has to be my favorite thing to do during the cold months because I never feel like going out so cuddling in bed is perfect for me. Besides that I can stay on my pyjama the entire day and feel cosy and warm.

2. Watch nice movies with a blanket
Watching a great movie is something amazing to do and it doesn't matter how the weather is outside but watching a great movie in a cute blanket and feel super comfortable is something that is perfect to do in Fall.

3. Get hot drinks
Better than staying in bed all day or watching a great movie is doing both things and have a cup of hot chocolate or tea to drink. My favorite drink to get during Fall and also Winter in hot chocolate and kills me when I want some hot chocolate and the weather is really warm so I couldn't be more excited for this season.

4. Have a picnic
Fall is known by its colder weather but it's not that cold that we can't go outside. Some days are still very nice and having a picnic while watching the leaves falling is a common movie scene and something so fun to do in real life.

5. Layer
There's nothing better in fashion than layering and Fall is the right time to do it. I've been waiting for Fall for weeks (especially because Summer hasn't been very exciting) so that I can wear my cosy sweaters again and some ankle boots.

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