Sunday, September 14

Home Decor: Pillowcases | DIY

I have a little obsession with pillows because they're super comfortable, pretty and  make us feel cosy all the time. As the pillows decorating my bed were a bit boring and my mum had some 20 year-old skirts with cute patterns that she didn't want, we thought it was a great idea to make some pillowcases ourselves.

We did the first one manually but as a sewing machine was offered to my mum one of these days we ended our "manually" work much quicker and our pillow cases were even more perfect. Three of the pillowcases were made with the cloths from my mum's skirts but those with solid colors were made with cloths that I bought on a quilt shop for 1.95€ each piece and they were huge.

I have been loving my comfortable pillows now & I think my bedroom looks cosy and like I spent a good amount of money in decorating, when I didn't.

What do you think about pillows and my new pillowcases?

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