Wednesday, September 3

Autumn/Fall Wishlist | H&M

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I got way to excited with the new collection of H&M for Autumn and Winter season and I feel like I want everything they have on their stores. I decided to control myself and pick only a few of my favorite items to show you.

I have to say that the bag is my favorite of all because I know I would probably wear it everyday (even though not all my clothes go with it) and I am obsessed with burgundy color. In my opinion (and I'm being purely honest right now) if something is burgundy, it's automatically awesome.
The hair clip would look so cute with a ponytail (obviously) and that burgundy scarf, can we even imagine that? Perfection. 

As you can see I've only picked on pair of shoes but I fell in love with them. They look really comfortable, pretty, a little bit rocky maybe but you can make them look cute and sweet too. You can wear these with jeans, skirts, shorts..everything basically.

This Autumn and also Winter I'll probably be into minimalistic and basic style a bit more and enjoy using new accessories to complete the look. I've only chose one sweater that I think is really pretty and simple and a black skirt, how cute.
I have been dreaming about a olive drab green jacket for ages and H&M has three different ones, it's crazy! The cutest one (in my opinion) is the most expensive but I opted for this one that is simplier.

What's on your wishlist for this Autumn?

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