Friday, August 29

Clear-out: My Wardrobe


I've finally decided myself to clean my wardrobe and get my clothes organized. My wardrobe was in pretty bad state because I'd used to keep some clothes from when I was 10 years old, I don't really know why because obviously doesn't fit me anymore. So I decided to giveaway the clothes I didn't want anymore to people that actually need it. In the end my wardrobe looked a little bit empty so I thought that I was a great opportunity to get some clothes from the shelves and hang them & love the result!
Everything is organized, I have way more space to keep my things. Obviously I had cleaned my wardrobe before but not very rationally, I guess. I would always keep things I didn't wear anymore & I'd say to myself that one day it could be wearable again and that never happened.
So, the one and only tip I have for you is be rational when cleaning your wardrobe!

How do you feel about your wardrobe? 

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