Monday, August 18

Mini Haul - Sales

Last week I went shopping and I bought some things that I needed and some others that I just wanted in my closet / makeup collection right way. I got some products makeup related and some jumpers and a cute little dress & I'm about to show you all of that!

Nail polish - Basic Cosmetics No.1 (1.49€)

The first thing I got was white nail polish. I know, very simple but I had of bunch of pink and blue nail polishes and I had ZERO nude nail polishes and I thought that white would be the best color to start! Besides that I love white nails, I think it goes well with every outfit and it's so classic and glamorous at same time... Love it.

Concealer - It Style No.2 (5.95€)

Nude Eyeshadow - H&M (2.99€)

These two little products I bought were something that I needed because my concealer is nearly to an end and I needed a little palette that could go in every single place, so I just found this one with nude pretty colors and I thought it was the one. 
(I've been into nude colors so much, I don't know what is going on with me but I just see nude colors as perfect colors, don't judge me)

Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss 111 (7.50€)

Last but not least (makeup products) is my one and only Kate Moss 111 lipstick. I could find these lipstick everywhere but I could never find the color I wanted (111 KISS OF LIFE) so I thought about ordering it online. Guess what? I found it randomly! I was not even looking for it, it just appeared in front of me and I was delighted. It's really pigmented & it's a lovely color. A little bit brighter than I initially thought but still..amazing.

1. Cropped jumper - Lefties (3.99€)
2. White jumper - H&M (7€)
3. Black dress - W52 (10€)

The two jumpers are very basic and very simples but I just really love them because I'm into a basic simple style at the moment. The one from Lefties is super cute & at the beginning it was a bit out of my comfort zone because I never wear clothes with patterns and I thought this one was a great start.
My little black dress is super cute and super simple and I've worn it two times now & I wore it as more of casual look with a pair of flat sandals but it also works really well with high-heels sandals for a night out look.

What do you think about my purchases & what is your favorite thing about sales?

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