Sunday, August 31

Beauty blogs: A lesson

Today I had another post planned but as soon as I read the "If I had never started reading beauty blogs I would have never..." by Rebecca from From Roses, I knew I wanted to do something similar because beauty blogs were and are definitely my school when it comes to makeup and beauty. 

I may not be blogging for a long time but I do read beauty blogs for ages and pretty much everything that I know about makeup I learned it from blogs and those amazing beauty gurus. I was always thankful for their posts and the time they put into their blogs but I only realized how much effort is needed when I started to do it myself.

Since the time I started to reading beauty blogposts I learned that:
  • makeup brushes make a huge difference on the final result (I'd do almost everything with my fingers);
  • eyebrows are one the most important part of our face because having them done just lifts up our face and makes us look better instantly;
  • there are more makeup brands that I could ever imagine in my life and with brands also comes hundreds of different products;
  • getting excited whenever I found a new beauty product is totally normal;
  • keeping a routine when it comes to skincare is important;
  • I can use other products besides foundation to cover some spots or to make my skin look smooth;
  • we need to learn to love ourselves the way we are because makeup will never change us;
  • blogging is not that easy to do as it seems. 
And every single day I have the chance to learn new things, new techniques and discover new beauty and makeup products due to the effort of many many bloggers out there that put most of their time into those amazing blogs that most of us read. That's probably the reason that made me fall in love with blogging because we may give tips to help other people but we learn a lot from others everyday.

What have you learned since you started reading blogs?

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