Friday, August 1

15 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! I decided to do this post because I think it is time to share some facts about me & my life! None of these facts are like super amazing - it is just me the way I am and telling you guys what I like. So, just hope you enjoy it!

1. My name is Ana Rita (very common name in Portugal)

2. I'm 165 cm & I wouldn't like to be any smaller or taller than I am because I like being medium size/heigh.

3. What I like most about my body is my hair and my eyes.

4. I speak Portuguese (obviously, since I'm Portuguese), English and a tiny bit of Spanish (I'm not able to keep a conversation going on).

5. Besides Portugal, I've only visited Spain.

6. My favorite animals are cats and guinea pigs & I'm afraid of dogs because once a dog decided that it would be nice to jump on me when I was half of it's size.

7.  I have a turtle as a pet for two years now & I love it a lot (even though it's not in my list of favorite animals).

8. I don't have a favorite color (strange probably) but I love nude colors.

9. I like the number 3 for no special reason.

10. My favorite movies of all time are "The Blue Lagoon" & "Dirty Dancing". I know..both are from the 80s but I just love them since I'm little and I always will (not sorry).

11. "All of Me" from John Legend is a very special song to me.

12. I had serious acne problems for a few years and I'm getting much better since March because I started a treatment. Completely hated that time when a new pimple would pop up every single morning.

13. I don't like to apply foundation on my face because I  feel it really heavy & sticky on my face, I kind of feel stuck in it all day when I have it on! Every single time I apply it, all I can think of it's removing it, so I never use it.

14. My favorite makeup product is..LIPSTICK! I just love lipsticks, there are so many different colors and I think that if you not really into doing your all make up, you can just apply some lipstick on and you will look slightly different and a bit more healthy.

15.  And last but not least, my favorite bloggers are Zoella and Olivia. I know..only two but they really are my favorites and these two blogs are the only ones I try to actually follow and I really really enjoy reading.

So, yeah! These are all the 15 facts I decided to share with you guys. Tell me something about you in the comments below! 



  1. Loved seeing you write more about yourself :)
    I have never visited to Portugal but I would love to travel there some time. I have lived in Spain for a while and it's really about time I take a trip there as well
    Lipstick has got to be my favourite as well- it's just one that you can effortlessly change from day to day and it really makes a difference on the look you have. I'd say my all time favourite lipstick is probably chanel rouge coco shine in "boy"- it's absolutely gorgeous :)
    Have a nice day!xx

    1. Thank you so much, it's so sweet of you :)
      You definitely should visit Portugal because, even though many people don't know it, it has some gorgeous places to see
      Exactly, it's so great that you share my opinion about lipsticks! I've never tried the chanel one that you've mentioned but now I'm looking forward to!
      Checked your blog & just realized that you're also new in this world so.. GOOD LUCK xx