Sunday, August 31

Beauty blogs: A lesson

Today I had another post planned but as soon as I read the "If I had never started reading beauty blogs I would have never..." by Rebecca from From Roses, I knew I wanted to do something similar because beauty blogs were and are definitely my school when it comes to makeup and beauty. 

I may not be blogging for a long time but I do read beauty blogs for ages and pretty much everything that I know about makeup I learned it from blogs and those amazing beauty gurus. I was always thankful for their posts and the time they put into their blogs but I only realized how much effort is needed when I started to do it myself.

Since the time I started to reading beauty blogposts I learned that:
  • makeup brushes make a huge difference on the final result (I'd do almost everything with my fingers);
  • eyebrows are one the most important part of our face because having them done just lifts up our face and makes us look better instantly;
  • there are more makeup brands that I could ever imagine in my life and with brands also comes hundreds of different products;
  • getting excited whenever I found a new beauty product is totally normal;
  • keeping a routine when it comes to skincare is important;
  • I can use other products besides foundation to cover some spots or to make my skin look smooth;
  • we need to learn to love ourselves the way we are because makeup will never change us;
  • blogging is not that easy to do as it seems. 
And every single day I have the chance to learn new things, new techniques and discover new beauty and makeup products due to the effort of many many bloggers out there that put most of their time into those amazing blogs that most of us read. That's probably the reason that made me fall in love with blogging because we may give tips to help other people but we learn a lot from others everyday.

What have you learned since you started reading blogs?

Friday, August 29

Clear-out: My Wardrobe


I've finally decided myself to clean my wardrobe and get my clothes organized. My wardrobe was in pretty bad state because I'd used to keep some clothes from when I was 10 years old, I don't really know why because obviously doesn't fit me anymore. So I decided to giveaway the clothes I didn't want anymore to people that actually need it. In the end my wardrobe looked a little bit empty so I thought that I was a great opportunity to get some clothes from the shelves and hang them & love the result!
Everything is organized, I have way more space to keep my things. Obviously I had cleaned my wardrobe before but not very rationally, I guess. I would always keep things I didn't wear anymore & I'd say to myself that one day it could be wearable again and that never happened.
So, the one and only tip I have for you is be rational when cleaning your wardrobe!

How do you feel about your wardrobe? 

Thursday, August 28

My Day - Camera Roll

Yesterday was the day for trying the camera of my new mobile and I'm so happy with it! My last mobile was said to be great and ended up having loads of problems. 
Breakfast is always essential to me, even more when I need to do a bunch of stuff in the same day. After my makeup done and my clothes on place, I went to my boyfriend's house and you found the cutest thing ever: Tinky Winky from Teletubbies! I was obsessed with Teletubbies when I was little, I could watch it for hours and probably I still can now.
Later on we had dinner at my boyfriend's godmother's house and he had loads of fun. Happy Birthday to the godfather!
A little reading before going to bed & my day is complete!

How was your day?

Wednesday, August 27

Me & My Lips

Since very early my lips were so important to me and feeling that they're hydrated and healthy is really a must. I've been using some products through the last few months to see which one works best for me.

NOVIDERM Soothing Repair Lipstick 

My dermatologist advised me this lipstick because it compensates the dryness caused by some dermatological treatments (my exact case) and I must say it wasn't the most cheap one & people say great things about it. My first impression about it was not great because it smells really weird and it tastes even worse, so I thought I would eventually let it in the corner & I did. Not only because of the smell and the taste but because I felt that it lasts such little time on my lips that I would have to apply it constantly and that pains me the most. My lips didn't get that much better by the time I used it but no one did actually. I think I'll give it another chance by these days. Promise.

LABELLO Sun Protect Lipstick

I only used this lipstick when I'm going to the beach because it does protect from the sun but it has a weird texture and lets your lips really white and scary. I don't know if my lips would have survived to the beach days because I didn't applied it once and get home with my lips burning (most awful feeling). I really like the product for beach days but that is it.

LABELLO Classic Care Lipstick

Another Labello lipstick! This one I use as daily basis because it hydrates my lips, it's easy to apply and to take with you & lasts longer than the Noviderm one. I think I like this one more because it is a bit greasy so it gives you the feeling that it's hydrating and at the same time your lips are softer. It doesn't taste much better but it smells better definitely.

Vaseline Orange Flavour

I have to say this is my favorite one. Even thought it's not very comfortable applying it, it's lasts super long, it hydrates your lips crazily, it smells and tastes amazing. It has everything I could ask for a lip balm and it really works! I don't apply it as a daily basis because I don't know if I'll be able to find it again, so I use it mostly before I go to sleep and if I'm going out and I don't won't the apply lipstick constantly. Besides that, it protects from the sun which is perfect for summer time.

Tell what is your favorite lip balm and if you ever tried any of the above.

Monday, August 25

Get Ready for Back To School

Back to school season may be stressful for many people - the same way it was difficult for me to handle it a few years ago & all I did was to get some tricks to help calm down and have everything in control.

Buy all your books & supplies in advance so that you don't have to go in a rush later on. I usually buy used books which are less expensive or I borrow them from someone (extra money in my pocket). Besides that, if you want to decorate your supplies, you can do it has a summer afternoon activity & have some fun.

Keep it organized! Once you have all you need for back to school, you should do some cleaning. Organize and put in place what you are going to need for next year & get those things that you don't need anymore, like old books and notebooks, out of the way. Having things organized is very helpful.

Don't overthink. For those who are now starting a new chapter of its life it may be difficult not to think about it because we never know what to expect but keep thinking about it over and over again only makes you anxious & when the day comes, you'll be feeling like exploding at any time.
Enjoy the rest of the summer and try not to think about what it is coming because everything will be fine and most people get used to it in the first few days.

You're not the only one. You may be facing a new experience very soon but you're not the only one. There's plenty of people in the exact same situation. Feel more confident about it & believe that everything is going to be just fine!

Believe in yourself. Self-confidence is so important and if you believe in yourself, everything will be easier to handle. You're as much capable as the others and everyone is different. Don't be afraid of showing the real you: dress how you feel more comfortable, be with people that you like & be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone you're not just to make new friends, it's not worth it. I promise you.

These were the tricks I used to use to help me with anxiety when back to school used to scared me. Which tips or tricks do you have?

Saturday, August 23

Classic Nails - Basic Cosmetics

  Basic Cosmetics - White 01

I have been loving my white nails these past few days, probably it will be the color for the rest of my summer. It doesn't matter what color is my top or what kind of jacket I'll use, white nails will always go well with it & that's why I like it so much. Classy and simple.

What's your favorite nail polish for this summer?

Friday, August 22

Makeup for Beginners

When I first started to use makeup, I thought that I needed a bunch of products to look good. Guess what? I was wrong. I learned some things from my own mistakes & now I understand that less is more.

If you're getting started, there are two products which are not very easy to mess up: concealer & mascara. Obviously you can use a BB cream or a CC cream for a bit of coverage. 

Personally, I don't use either BB creams or CC creams because I'm trying to get my skin free of everything but I can't go out without applying some concealer and mascara. It's a bit of "no makeup" makeup look & it's super casual, natural & super appropriated for school or work.
If you want to get your skin looking more soft and perfect you can use a BB cream that is easier to apply (comparing to foundation) and lighter. 

For those who are a step above, nude eyeshadows and lipstick are a great choice to complement your looks.

The mini palette I've been using for the past few days is from H&M it's absolutely adorable. I first wanted it because it's just about the colors I usually use. I use the lightest eyeshadow as a highlighter on the inner corner of my eye. The one in the middle I use all over my lid and the darkest color I use on my crease for a bit of definition. 
For these last days I have also been using the Kate Moss 111 lipstick & I'm in love with it. For the lipstick, you can choose the color you feel more comfortable using and if you want something more discreet go with peach & baby pinks, leave the reds for later.

I'm sorry about the light on the last product, it's not very observable

If you're ok with all the products above, it's time for making your eyes look bigger & this is a very easy and simple step. The only reason why I chose it as the last item it's because many people don't feel comfortable applying it or using it on daily basis. If you apply a white eyeliner pencil on your lower lash line, your eyes will instantly look bigger and lifted and that is a great thing because it will give your face a fresh look.

What do you think about these small tips & steps?

Wednesday, August 20

Keeping a Diary

Last summer I decided I wanted to start writing a diary and guess what? It was a great idea. Since then I've been writing down all my thoughts & feelings and those moments that meant something to me.

Writing a diary has helped me to calm down in some situations because there are those day when you just feel like staying alone, listening to music and do nothing. When something goes wrong I always right it down and after that the situations seems way less serious and I'm not so stressed.

Besides that, when I write in my diary things that happened to me, I hardly forget it and if I do, I can always read it and bring all those memories back. Sometimes I love to read pages of days that were really happy and where I felt really good.

Even if it seems that I have nothing to write about I always try to think about my day and write what comes into my mind because I know that one day those memories will mean something to me and that I will love to read it in some weeks or even years.

Monday, August 18

Mini Haul - Sales

Last week I went shopping and I bought some things that I needed and some others that I just wanted in my closet / makeup collection right way. I got some products makeup related and some jumpers and a cute little dress & I'm about to show you all of that!

Nail polish - Basic Cosmetics No.1 (1.49€)

The first thing I got was white nail polish. I know, very simple but I had of bunch of pink and blue nail polishes and I had ZERO nude nail polishes and I thought that white would be the best color to start! Besides that I love white nails, I think it goes well with every outfit and it's so classic and glamorous at same time... Love it.

Concealer - It Style No.2 (5.95€)

Nude Eyeshadow - H&M (2.99€)

These two little products I bought were something that I needed because my concealer is nearly to an end and I needed a little palette that could go in every single place, so I just found this one with nude pretty colors and I thought it was the one. 
(I've been into nude colors so much, I don't know what is going on with me but I just see nude colors as perfect colors, don't judge me)

Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss 111 (7.50€)

Last but not least (makeup products) is my one and only Kate Moss 111 lipstick. I could find these lipstick everywhere but I could never find the color I wanted (111 KISS OF LIFE) so I thought about ordering it online. Guess what? I found it randomly! I was not even looking for it, it just appeared in front of me and I was delighted. It's really pigmented & it's a lovely color. A little bit brighter than I initially thought but still..amazing.

1. Cropped jumper - Lefties (3.99€)
2. White jumper - H&M (7€)
3. Black dress - W52 (10€)

The two jumpers are very basic and very simples but I just really love them because I'm into a basic simple style at the moment. The one from Lefties is super cute & at the beginning it was a bit out of my comfort zone because I never wear clothes with patterns and I thought this one was a great start.
My little black dress is super cute and super simple and I've worn it two times now & I wore it as more of casual look with a pair of flat sandals but it also works really well with high-heels sandals for a night out look.

What do you think about my purchases & what is your favorite thing about sales?

Sunday, August 17

My Favorite Blogs #1

This week I've been loving to read 4 bloggers in particular & I thought I would share with the world who they are.

Zoe from sweet electric. 
Zoe's blog is so versatile. She talks about makeup, beauty, blogging tips, lifestyle tips and so much more. Every time I check her blog I find new posts to entertain myself and I read them until the end, which is really hard for me because something I get tired of reading long posts but Zoe always keeps me there till the end, amazing.

Emilie from Em's close up
Emilie's blog is so friendly. I just look at her a "girl next door" but not in a bad way. She looks adorable, friendly and just shares whatever she feels like and that is so..comforting (I don't know it that makes sense to you but it does to me). She posts a lot of different things and it's difficult not to like her blog.

Helen from The Lovecats Inc
I love Helen's blog in part by the same reasons I love Zoe's blog: I found Helen's blog through a post about blogging tips and since then I love to read it. Besides, Helen posts about food! The best thing in the world and gives us the recipes. How could that be bad? She also talks about makeup & fashion and I believe she's a cutie.

Kenza from Kenzas
First thing that called my attention was obviously Kenza's style and her hair. She's beautiful and a fashion blogger, which at first it sounded a bit boring to me because I like versatile bloggers. The thing is that she can catch us with her writing because she always looks perfect in her pictures and then she tries to be as normal as she can on the writing part and makes little jokes here and there, lovely.

Friday, August 15

Lifestyle Changes to Help your Acne

Acne is very common problem among teenagers and as you know I'm a teenager & I'm dealing with this issue at the moment. My acne got quite severe so I had to consult a dermatologist because, even though the tips I'm about to give you were helping me, they were not solving my problem.

If you want your skin to look better, you need to drink as much water as you can. Drinking water is crucial because it helps to clean up your pores and hydrates your skin. Your skin will be softer and it may attenuate some of the redness. I promise you'll notice a few differences (even if small) if you start drinking at least a 1.5L of water per day.

Something that has helped me a lot is exfoliate my skin. I was just doing my life normally and that means I would not apply any hydrating cream on my skin and I would never exfoliate it. Since the very first day I started to do it my skin improved so much! Some of my spots have actually disappeared and the redness around my face was a lot better. To make this work, make sure you have the right exfoliant for you.

I know that getting out with a huge spot on your face it's the worst feeling in the world and all you want to do it's covering it up but please avoid applying concealer or foundation on your face. Obviously, I have applied concealer on my spots a few times before but it was not worth it. It only made it worst because after covering that one, another one would show up. The truth is that my skin was absorbing all the chemicals on the product and it was just getting worse.

Even then, if you want to apply any kind of makeup on your face, make sure you remove it before you go to sleep & always wash your face. Removing your makeup helps you to stop the skin from developing dead cells from the makeup product's chemicals.

Use oil-free creams and makeup products. Oil-free creams will provide your skin with a matte look & avoid the shiny one. Besides that, it will help your skin with the excess of sebum.

Always protect your skin from the sun! Use a sun cream every single time you go out, even if you're just going to school. Some people believe that tanning helps acne but dermatologists' biggest advice (it's not something that I've made up) is protecting your skin from the sun because it only makes acne get worse.

I know that sometimes you're just looking at those pimples on your face and all you want to do is squeeze them but DON'T DO IT. Squeezing them it helps you to get a infection and obviously you don't want that and you will get a small mark on your face that it may never disappear if not treated correctly.

If you ever noticed that new pimples show up every time you eat some kind of food, you are lucky because that means you can help yourself & avoid eating food that makes your acne even worse. Before I started my treatment I would get new pimples every time I'd eat greasy or sugary food, so I stopped eating it & I started getting better!

Chill out! Every time your get your nerves on or when you get stressed, your acne tends to get worse, so calm down, drink a couple of tea cups & enjoy life! Sometimes stress still gets to me and my face but I always try to calm down, it may not be easy if, like me, you get really nervous over small things!

BIGGEST ADVICE: Look for a dermatologist if your skin is being affected by acne for a long time or even if that's not that long, go get some professional advice and stop trying those "made-home recipes" that may damage you skin. Remember that every person has a different skin time and it may work for that somebody but it may not work for you! Anyways, don't stress out about it because eventually everything will be solved out.

Wednesday, August 13

My First Disappointment: KIKO's Lipstick

The moment I saw this lipstick I fell in love with it! It is such a pretty peach color and it has some glitter (even though I prefer matte lipstick I really wanted to give it a try). As it was from the italian brand Kiko & as I always love their products, I instantly bought it and I was so happy about it.
When I was finishing my makeup the next day, I decided to try it and my heart broke into pieces. I hate the way it looks on my lips, the pretty color is no longer a color since the only thing you get is a bit of shiny weird look. This happens because probably the lipstick has almost no pigmentation, I tried to apply more product but it never worked the way I was expecting, it starts becoming mostly a nude color instead of a peachy color.

Tell me in the comments what you think about this & if it has happened something like this to you before.

Tuesday, August 12

Day at the Pool

Hello everyone! As you can tell by the photos, I spent my day at the pool and I had lots of fun until the weather decided to kick us out.

So I got up very early because I didn't want to waste any second of the day and we (me, my cousins & boyfriend) went straight to the pool: had some lunch, some fun and obviously..some diving.
As we got out of the water, the weather decided it would be really cool to bring some cold wind, so he did. We quickly left and the rain started to fall! What a disappointment! It looks like a wintry day outside and I just feel like having some hot chocolate. 

What about your summer?

Saturday, August 9

Tips for Blogging

I may not be in the world of blogging for a long time but there are a few things that I learned quite quickly & those things I intend to keep in my mind every day!

First, you make your own rules! You decide what you post on your blog & when you post it! Just because some people upload new things everyday doesn't mean you have to do it. It's YOUR blog, so you decide if you want to post once, twice or three times a week: it's your decision. I have never established any rule because sometimes I have many ideas and sometimes I don't!

Second, write about something that makes you comfortable! You may like to read post about makeup but if know nothing about it, probably you should write about something that you have knowledge of. There are many successful blogs that rarely talk about makeup or fashion. You can just write something about your day, give advices about things you know or comment on an issue that you've heard on media.

Third, running out of ideas it's normal! Right in the beginning, I always wanted to post new things and be very active but for some reason ZERO ideas were popping out. Obviously, I would get really mad at myself because that made me feel like I was failing but you're NOT. Never force yourself to write because that will be noticeable on the quality of your blog posts.

Fourth, get organized! If you're having new ideas constantly, write everything down! Probably, you won't like some of them when you check them out later but even those can inspire yourself to get some other ideas. Besides that, you can always keep those ideas for when your brain is totally blocked (used them only if you truly like them). 

Fifth, be honest! You should always be honest with your followers & more important: with yourself! This is your blog and people who read it believe in your word so being as honest as you can it's the best for everyone because that way you're sure that people like you & your blog for what you think & say. Never go after someone. Just because that popular blog said one thing, doesn't mean you need to agree with it. Your own ideas have way more value that being passive.

EXTRA TIP: Get inspired & don't copy! Following many good blogs and blogs that you like may help to get new ideas because something you read remembered you of something else & that is a great thing! The problem is when you take the same issue, the same thoughts and just write it in different words, that has no value at all because that's not even something that you thought about. 

So yeah, these are all my tips for blogging and obviously these tips helped me in the very beginning (they still help me now, of course) but everyone gets their own tricks to feel alright and be successful!


Thursday, August 7


Hello everyone! For my July Favorites I only chose four little products that I have been loving to death. Don't forget to tell what you think about these products and which were your favorites in July.

Starting with skincare, I simply chose the best product I've found until this moment: Johnson's 24 hour Moisture body cream. This product is totally worth it, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin. My skin is really dry at the last few months and I was applying the Body Shop's body butter till I found this body cream of Johnson's. I love the texture so much, it's super easy to apply, it has a great smell and it makes wonders to your skin. It actually hydrates your skin for so long! I wouldn't say it lasts 24 hours but if I apply it in the morning, it will last till night and obviously you can apply it before you go to sleep & feel super fresh!

When my last mascara ran out, I went to Kiko's store and asked for some help so that I would choose the right one for me and they advised me the Volumeyes Plus Active Mascara. I am in love with this mascara because it gives my eyelashes such a full look and the actual plus of the product is that after a month or maybe some weeks of applying it, your eyelashes are more voluminous. You can also find another one similar but it is better for those who want longer eyelashes! You should definitely give it a try!

Few days before I went to holiday I found this lip crayon from Essence Road Trip and this collection has every thing you need for holiday: since blush & highlighter to dry shampoo but what I was actually looking for was a bright and at the same time discreet color and the fact that I found in lip crayon (which I absolutely love) was AMAZING! I've been using this lip crayon pretty much as an everyday basis because it's so beautiful and I just feel my lips way softer when I have it on. The color I'm using is number 01 hit the road, red! 

Last but not least, my favorite fragrance from the past few months: Amor Amor forbidden kiss by Cacharel. The smell of this perfume is just perfect! I'm so picky when it comes to perfumes but this one got at the first time. The smell of it isn't that strong, not that sweet and so fresh. I've been using it almost every day and I be really unhappy once it is over. It's the best perfume ever.

And these were my favorite products through the month of July & I'm wanting for your opinions!


Wednesday, August 6

The Liebster Award

Hello everyone! This is a post a little bit different from what I usually post in my blog so if you're not interested or it's not really something that you want to read, I'll see you in my next post. If you're interested, keep on reading.

Recently I was nominated for The Liebster Award by Mary Burrow from Mazzle. Thank you so much for the nomination!

The rules are very simple:

You have to answer every question that are given to you
You must link back to the person who nominated you and nominate another 11 blogs that have less than 200 followers (you can't nominate the person that nominated you)
You must inform the nominees about the nomination and give them the link to your blogpost so that they can know more about it

And these are the questions Mary gave me:

1. If you could only wear one makeup brand, what would it be?

If I could only wear one makeup brand, I would probably choose Kiko because I love their makeup products & it's not an expensive brand. Besides that all the products that I've bought in their store I absolutely loved them. I never got disappointed & I always have a good surprise when I try the products for the first time.

2. Who is your celebrity crush?

I think that I don't really have a celebrity crush at the moment but there are some people that I really like to follow & check their style like Eleanor Calder, Selena Gomez & Ashley Benson (I know, only girls, but I tried to choose those who inspire me when it comes to fashion & beauty.
If I could be any of these girls for one day, I would probably choose Eleanor because her style is AMAZING. She wears basic stuff and still she looks amazing and I would love to be able the same thing. Besides that, she can easily be with the One Direction boys, so yeah..lovely advantage.

3. What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure has nothing to do with makeup or fashion because my guilty pleasure is spending an entire day on bed in my pyjamas & just enjoying my favorite TV show. I know it's nothing special but I just find it so cosy & friendly that I can't even explain.

4. What made you start blogging?

I own this blog for years but I say I started blogging pretty recently because I stopped blogging for ages. This summer I decided to give it a try after months of hesitation. I have always loved to read blogs and check out new ideas about makeup, fashion, DIYs and so many other stuff and I was telling myself all the time "One day, I'll have my own blog where you can share my own ideas" but I would never materialise.Then there was one day that I just told myself that if so many people could do it, I could do it too & now here I am!

5. What is your dream holiday?

My dream holiday is probably a beachy place where I can just chill and where nobody knows who I am. I love quite places and nature (not in extreme). A private island would be great (just kidding...or maybe not).

6. Favorite TV programme

Even though I love fashion & makeup, I find the TV programmes that talk about it so boring! I can't even watch for five simple minutes. I love watching NCIS, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries & Pretty Little Liars.

7. Lipstick or mascara?

This is such a hard choice for me because lipstick & mascara are my two favorite makeup products. First, I think my eyes look way bigger & way better when I use mascara. Second, everyone and every look is better when lipstick is involved. These two are those products I never leave my house without BUT I guess I will have to say mascara because even though I love lipsticks, I have quite full lips so I think mascara is a must.

8.  What is your favorite Disney movie?

My favorite Disney movie is 101 Dalmatians. But I also love The Lion King, The Lion King 2, Frozen, Finding Nemo (I still love it even though I've probably watched it a million times), Monsters. Inc, & Wall E.
I just love Disney movies.

9. Do you have a Quote you live by?

The only quote I really try to follow is "Enjoy every moment, because they won't come back". It's so meaningful & it's 100% true.

10. Describe your perfect date outfit

I think my perfect date outfit would be a pretty dress, not too long & not too short, a bit loose and high heels. That is it.

11. Tell me one thing off your bucket list?

Travel the world. Simple as that. I just want to know as many countries and many cultures as I can & most important: learn something from those trips.

And now, you have my questions to answer: 

1. If you could only use a makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?
2. What made you start blogging?
3. What is your favorite food?
4. Which is your favorite song of all time?
5. Pick one Disney movie to watch for the rest of your life.
6. Hot chocolate or cappuccino?
7. Do you prefer reading a book or watching a movie?
8. Who is your role model?
9. Which social media network do you prefer (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc)?
10. Where it would be your perfect date?
11. One thing from your bucket list.

And last but not least, my 7 nominees (I know it should be 11 nominees but I didn't to just link random blogs so I chose those I actually like and that have less than 200 followers):

Elena from A Style Shake, Victoria from Docs and Daisies, Elena from dornroeeschen, Emma from Em has red nails, Claire from Claire VictoriaAshleigh-jo from Hello Aj & Will from Will Hunt.

Tuesday, August 5

OOTD: Vogue & Skort

Hello everyone! I'm so excited for this post, you can't even imagine. It's very simple but I've wanted to do something like this for ages so now I can finally post an OOTD. 
Today all I'm going to do is going to the supermarket and walking around so I opted for a very simple but very cute outfit: a cropped black t-shirt with a Vogue touch & a black and super cute skort that I love.

Skort - Bershka
Bag - Bershka
Sneakers - Converse

The reason why my top is not listed it's because my mum got it done for me as birthday gift so I never saw any top like this in stores (I haven't search for it that much but you can probably find it somewhere or you can make your own!). 
I hope you like my outfit & tell me what you think in the comments below. 


Saturday, August 2

DIY: Cute Notebook (From a Jumpsuit) | Back To School

Hello everyone! The other day I was taking a look at my wardrobe & I found a jumpsuit with a funny pattern but I knew right away that I would never use that jumpsuit again, so I decided to use the fabric to decorate a notebook that I've been using for some notes about the blog. As soon most of us will be back to school, I thought that I would a great opportunity to show you how to decorate your own notebooks! So, let's get started!

All you are going to need is a notebook (1), some fabric (2), glue (3) & scissors (4).
You can use whatever notebook you want, I just used this one because I really like it but I thought that it was a bit boring. About the fabric, you can use a piece of fabric from old clothes that you're not going to use anymore or you can buy some that you like!

First: Place you notebook & decide what part of the fabric you want it to be the front cover.
I opted for one leg of the jumpsuit because it had a little pocket and I just thought it looked really cute but you can choose whatever part you want because it is your notebook!

Second: You cut the fabric in the most advantageous way for you so that it suits your notebook perfectly. Before you glue it, place the notebook again to make sure everything is where it should be!

Third: You glue the fabric onto your notebook! Make sure you glue the remaining fabric on the inside part of your notebook. 
Your cute notebook is ready to be used!

EXTRA STEP: Even though I loved my notebook already, I was feeling that it was a little bit empty! So I decided to get a little label. Obviously you can opt for doing or not this step.

If you're using this for your notebooks for school, you can make a label saying "Biology" or "History". As mine is only for notes, I made a label saying exactly that. Glue it to fabric & you have done!

I hope you liked this little decorative process & I'll..